Preparing for Pandemics

Competencies for protecting health in the pandemic era

June 11, 2021 competencies, english
The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that a complex set of knowledge, skills and attitudes – commonly called competencies - are essential for protecting and saving lives. Strengthening the competencies of personnel and volunteers from a wide range of professions to manage complex national responses and work in hospitals, clinics and communities, is more important than ever, not just for COVID19 but for any health emergency.

Developing and applying competency frameworks that define the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed by health workers can help trainers to develop learning that is relevant and timely; organisations to ensure they have the correct staff who are properly resourced and help health workers themselves better understand their role, shape their careers and be ready, willing and able to save lives.

This webinar will focus on the why and how of the use of competencies in health emergency work, in hospitals, in public health and at the frontline to save lives and prevent disease, disability and disruption to societies, economies and communities.