Will COVID19 revolutionize medical and health education?

June 07, 2021 covid-19, english
COVID19 has profoundly shaken the time-tested traditions of education in medicine and health. As millions of medical and other health sciences students and their teachers remained in lockdown, dispersed across geographies, new methods of approaching distance and distributed learning have come to the fore. Some believe that medical education will never be the same again. While universities were able to make the shift from lecture halls to digital classrooms, with varying degrees of success for knowledge transfer, transferring skills and competency development that are essential for the caring professions, remain a major challenge. The know-do gap is now in sharp focus. How will the COVID19-inspired changes to medical and health sciences education, offered by universities and in-service training, evolve? Are we looking at the future of medical and health professional education?

Join the next #LearningSavesLives webinar to explore with leading experts emerging approaches for medical education during the pandemic and beyond. Hear from country-level practitioners the challenges they face to maintain standards for medical and health professional education and training. Discuss how competencies of medical and health professionals can be assessed effectively during the pandemic and for the creation of a fit-for-purpose health workforce for the 21st century.

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